Bike Rentals

Cycling is the way to get to know Amsterdam. It is also a very efficient means of transport in Amsterdam and gives you the freedom to see as much of the city as possible.

We have bicycles in all shapes and sizes. We Rent City Bikes with backpedal brake and with handbrake and gears. In addition we have special bicycles for rent such as parent- childtandems, regular tandems and Cargobikes. In order to make sure that the little ones can also take part, we also rent out bikes with childseats.

You can also rent various accessories such as bicycle helmets, child seats, bags and baskets.


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Footbrake Bike

Solid bike with coaster brake

1 day €10,00
Extra day €7,00


Handbrake Bike

Luxury bike with 7 speed hub and hand-operated hand rakes

1 day €12,00
Extra day €8,00


Mother’s bicycle

Bike has a seat in the back and/or one at the front.

1 day €15,00
Extra day €10,00



The tandem is a bike that can be ridden by two persons.

1 day €25,00
Extra day €20,00


Parent-Child Tandem

7 gears, suitable for children between the ages of 4 and 7 years

1 day €25,00
Extra day €20,00


Cargo bike

The cargo bike comes with 7 gears and is suitable for the maximum of 2 children

1 day €25,00
Extra day €20,00


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